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Hello World : My name is Michael. I am a relaxed and laid back guy most of the time but usually very serious and sincere about things that matter. I am a fan of G.O.O.D Music : G.O.O.D Art : G.O.O.D Living and the Pursuit Of Happiness.

This blog is all about my visual expression. Some/All of my post you see will be Erotic, Sexual, Beautiful, Crazy, Insane, Bonkers, Stupid, Psycho, Nice and for the perfect post simply "G.O.O.D". I enjoy all my post and hope that when you visit you enjoy them too. The concept behind my blog is that i blog all that i have seen and all that catches my eyes. I do not take credit for creating any of the images displayed on my tumblr i only take credit for them being something My Eyes Have Seen. You should probably be 18 or older to look at my blog but lets be real who's going to stop you